August 21, 2014 Welcome To The #C2Crew
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For The Crazy Ones Who Believe In The Custom Lifestyle

Lacrosse is a lifestyle, embrace your own. Why fit in when you can stand out?

What We Do


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#XMESH  is our standard premium, performance wax mesh. We don’t want to label it because we know it can speak for itself, it just has that X factor. Own a piece and come to the same conclusion we have.

XMESH starts a high tenacity nylon mesh base and goes through an extensive process to infuse our proprietary formula in the mesh itself. We’re nearing two years of field testing with this coating process and owners of some OG pieces to this day can hit their mesh with a blow dryer or leave it in the backseat on a hot Texas night to revitalize the waxiness, bring back a slight bit of tackiness, and stiffen up the mesh like new.

With respect to all mesh coaters, every formula is different, every formula has its own unique properties that producers bring to the table.

With that in mind, we believe our formula is one of kind. We don’t simply coat the mesh we infuse it into the base nylon. From there we’ve chosen ingredients that will aid in overall durability, consistency, element resistance, increased ball feel, the elimination of break in time, and so much more.

Another X factor our mesh has is our ability to produce truly custom dyes. Being young, we’ve got plenty of creative juices flowing in the office and love to put it to work. An everyday theme at ChilLAX Customs is “Why fit in when you can stand out?”. We’re proud of our design flexibility and high standard of execution in addition to creativity. What’s the point of having a dyed piece of mesh that is a blotchy mess? And sure argyle is cool and all but if everyone has it don’t you want something more? Or, if you have to become to an abstract art analyst to understand what you’re seeing then maybe something needs to be re-evaluated. On that note, we want to rest assured we don’t take shortcuts when making our mesh. I mean, wouldn’t it be false advertising to call ourselves ChilLAX Custom Dyes if we were really ChilLAX Custom Markers? We do mesh the right way, real dye and quality formula ingredients. Everything we do is done by hand and nothing we do is outsourced. You can trust we’re busy churning our noggins 24/7 to keep our business afloat and our customers more than satisfied.


We’re here to bring quality products to lacrosse community while giving back at the same time. The only thing we love more than potentially making a living doing something we love to do is the game of lacrosse itself. Through tournaments, events, partnerships, clinics, and sponsorships we hope to immerse ourselves even more into Earth’s greatest game.

Company Mindset

Our mindset is simple here at C2, keep an open mind and open arms. No one gets where they are going alone and those that act as if they are above it all will more than likely find themselves tumbling to the bottom. With our own growth we want to help others grow and pass the torch so to speak. We know this is only achievable by continuously producing superior products and reaching out as much as possible.


Beyond custom mesh we are persistently working towards growing the game of lacrosse and our own company to be all inclusive. We’re lucky enough to have partners that allow us to extend our offering to heads, shafts, stringing supplies, accessories, and apparel. To reflect that inclusiveness we extend our own offerings to stringing, dyeing, teaching, and coaching for those that seek it. Please see the respective pages for each service to learn more.

Believe The Hype.

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